“Reckless Sonnet No. 8” by Kimiko Hahn

Reckless Sonnet No. 8

My father, as a boy in Milwaukee, thought
the cicada’s cry was the whir from a live wire–
not from muscles on the sides of an insect
vibrating against an outer membrane. Strange though
that, because they have no ears, no one knows why
the males cry so doggedly into the gray air.
Not strange that the young live underground sucking sap from tree roots
for seventeen years. A long, charmed childhood
not unlike one in a Great Lake town where at dusk
you’d pack up swimsuit, shake sand off your towel
and head back to the lights in the two-family houses
lining the streets. Where the family sat around the radio.
And the parents argued over their son and daughter
until each left for good. To cry in the air.


Kimiko Hahn, 1955-

© 2002 Kimiko Hahn
“Reckless Sonnet No. 8” from The Artist’s Daughter

Photo by Tiago Rodrigues on Unsplash

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