“One More Love Poem” by Dunya Mikhail

One More Love Poem

If I had one more day
I would write a love poem
composed of one word
repeated like binary code.

I’ll multiply it by the number
of days that passed
without saying it to you
and I’ll add the days

when I said it with no words
because I want to say it
more. And like a bee
gathering pollen, I’ll collect

everything ever said
in one word like a square root
multiplied by the power of ten.
I’ll count even that day

when my anger at you
or for you turned me into
a stone, and also the days
when I was away

sending my songs like
postcards to the lonely,
feeling you in every touch
of love I gave to the world.

I’ll count all my days,
even the nine months of days
before I was born, to say
this exponential, growing “I love you.”


Dunya Mikhail, 1965–

© 2021 Dunya Mikhail

Photo by Piotr Łaskawski on Unsplash

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