“Oh Earth, wait for me” by Pablo Neruda

Oh Earth, wait for me

Turn me oh sun

towards my native destiny,

rain from the ancient forest,

return to me the fragrance and the swords

that fall from the sky,

the solitary peace of field and rock,

the moisture at the margins of the river,

the scent of the larch,

the wind, alive like a heart

beating among the remote flock

of the great araucaria.

Earth, return to me your pure gifts

the towers of silence that rose

from the solemnity of their roots:

I want to return to being what I have not been,

learn to return from such depths

that amongst all the things of nature

I could live or not live: no matter

to be one more stone, the dark stone,

the pure stone that is carried by the river.


Pablo Neruda, 1904–1973

© 1964 Pablo Neruda
“Oh Earth, wait for me” from Memorial de Isla Negra
English translation by A.S. Kline

Photo by Hiroyoshi Urushima on Unsplash

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