“Never Still” by Patti Smith

Never Still

Travel is its own book.
Images we have captured in film, in memory, form its leaves.
That when turned, reveal a story of a life.
We long to add new pages.
We long to explore.
We long for new sights.
New noise.
Unknown faces.
Unentered doors.
A pyramid.
A towering spiral.
An ancient gaze.
The muscular history of past civilizations.
The face of justice.
We long to return.
We do not look back.
We revisit.
Places one trod in a new light.
New shadows forming on architecture.
On winding streets.
We long to cross welcoming bridges.
Connecting sea, and sky and city.
We are ready.
To break through barriers.
To don our coats.
To gather provisions.
To reclaim motion.
To see with new eyes.
The familiar.
And the strange.
New pages for our story.
The unceasing turning of the leaves of life.




Patti Smith, 1946–

© 2021 Patti Smith
“Never Still” written for RIMOWA

Photo by Brad Trent

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