“McDonald’s Psalms” by Madeline Jupard

Madeline Jupard was born under the expansive skies of the Utah desert. Her work is a meditation on the American landscape, capturing the sense of transience and lonely observation that comes from a life spent on the move. Her paintings juxtapose the suburban and the sublime and the ancient against man-made structures. An ordinary gas station is set against the backdrop of majestic Rocky Mountains, a suburban sprawl beneath a cotton candy sky—these contradictions create a narrative that is as complex as the American landscape itself. She writes:

“I paint pictures to wrestle contradictions between past and present, the sacred and the mundane, the romantic and the realist. My paintings are also about floors, ceilings, and skies, and the evocative potential of color. I’m very curious about the way this world looks. One of my greatest joys in life is driving my car down the highway.”

Paintings by Madeline Rupard

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