September 1, 2023

“The Moon and the Yew Tree” by Sylvia Plath

The Moon and the Yew Tree This is the light of the mind, cold and planetaryThe trees of the mind are black. The light is blue.The grasses unload their griefs on my feet as if… Continue Reading

August 25, 2023

“Oh Earth, wait for me” by Pablo Neruda

Oh Earth, wait for me Turn me oh sun towards my native destiny, rain from the ancient forest, return to me the fragrance and the swords that fall from the sky, the solitary peace of… Continue Reading

August 18, 2023

The Vatican Film List: 15 Best Movies about Religion

The Vatican Film List: 15 Best Movies about Religion Andrei Rublev — Andrei Tarkovsky (1969, USSR) The Mission — Roland Joffé (1986, UK) La passion de Jeanne d’Arc (The Passion of Joan of Arc) —… Continue Reading

June 16, 2023

“Ophelia” by Arthur Rimbaud

Ophelia I On the calm black water where the stars are sleepingWhite Ophelia floats like a great lily ;Floats very slowly, lying in her long veils…- In the far-off woods you can hear them sound… Continue Reading

June 2, 2023

“I Invite My Parents to a Dinner Party” by Chen Chen

I Invite My Parents to a Dinner Party In the invitation, I tell them for the seventeenth time(the fourth in writing), that I am gay. In the invitation, I include a picture of my boyfriend&… Continue Reading

May 26, 2023

12 Haiku Poems by Jack Kerouac

12 Haiku Poems In the sunthe butterfly wingsLike a church window   Empty baseball fielda robinhops along the bench   The windmillsof Oklahoma lookin every direction   Train on the horizon – my window rattles… Continue Reading

May 19, 2023

“Archaic Torso of Apollo” by Rainer Maria Rilke

Archaic Torso of Apollo We cannot know his legendary headwith eyes like ripening fruit. And yet his torsois still suffused with brilliance from inside,like a lamp, in which his gaze, now turned to low, gleams… Continue Reading

May 12, 2023

‘And this word, this paper written’ by Pablo Neruda

'And this word, this paper written' And this word, this paper writtenby the thousand hands of a single handdoes not rest in you, does not serve for dreams.It falls to the earth: there it continues.… Continue Reading

April 14, 2023

Thoughts and habits not conducive to the work — from “The Creative Act” by Rick Rubin

Thoughts and habits not conducive to the work Believing you’re not good enough. Feeling you don’t have the energy it takes. Mistaking adopted rules for absolute truths. Not wanting to do the work (laziness). Not… Continue Reading

April 14, 2023

“Letters from the Ming Dynasty” by Joseph Brodsky

Letters from the Ming Dynasty I. Soon it will be thirteen years since the nightingale fluttered out of its cage and vanished. and, at nightfall, the Emperor washes down his medicine with the blood of… Continue Reading