February 23, 2024

“A Map to the Next World” by Joy Harjo

A Map to the Next World      for Desiray Kierra Chee In the last days of the fourth world I wished to make a map forthose who would climb through the hole in the… Continue Reading

February 16, 2024

“An Untitled Ode to the Wonder of Life” by Richard Feynman

An Untitled Ode to the Wonder of Life I stand at the seashore, alone,and start to think. There are the rushing wavesmountains of moleculeseach stupidly minding its own businesstrillions apartyet forming white surf in unison… Continue Reading

February 3, 2024

“Pollock” by Patti Smith

Pollock Hail the surface of his speech Hail the spirit whom he greets Hail the dance the cryptic air Hail the heart the holy hare Hail the hawk the nursing foal Hail the tarred and… Continue Reading