November 25, 2023

“November 26, 1963” by Wendell Berry

November 26, 1963 We know the winter earth upon the body of the young President, and the early dark falling: we know the veins grown quiet in his temples and wrists, and his hands and… Continue Reading

November 17, 2023

Georgia O’Keeffe, “From the Faraway, Nearby,” 1937 by Camille Carter

Georgia O'Keeffe, "From the Faraway, Nearby" 1937 Make no bones about it— or better yet, make bones:sandborne, sun-bleached, bald-faced bonesnaked but for a Southwest sky. I began picking up bones because there were no flowers.More… Continue Reading

November 10, 2023

“Mistake” by Malak El Halabi

Mistake You taste like the last drop of whiskeyat 3amafter a lousy daylike the first gulp of coffee on a Monday, sippedbehinda deskhot and bitterlike the burning at the back of the throatafter the first… Continue Reading

November 3, 2023

“Black Stone on a White Stone / Piedra Negra Sobre una Piedra Blanca” by César Vallejo

Black Stone on a White Stone      I will die in Paris with a rainstorm, on a day I already remember, I will die in Paris—and I don’t shy away— perhaps on a Thursday,… Continue Reading