December 25, 2020

“Model-Train Display at Christmas in a Shopping Mall Food Court” by James Arthur

Model-Train Display at Christmas in a Shopping Mall Food Court These kids watching so intently on every side of the display must love the feeling of being gigantic: of having a giant’s power over this… Continue Reading

December 16, 2020

“To My Brother Miguel in memoriam” by César Vallejo

To My Brother Miguel in memoriam Brother, today I sit on the brick bench outside the house, where you make a bottomless emptiness.I remember we used to play at this hour of the day, and… Continue Reading

December 11, 2020

“Distant Lights of Olancha Recede” by Harold Budd

Distant Lights of Olancha Recede The boy, my boyLets the full charge flyThe sound is masked by the rolling thunder peeling off the Sierras Late desert evening, getting black, getting feralThe kilns haven’t felt fire… Continue Reading

December 4, 2020

“If The World Was Crazy” by Shel Silverstein

If The World Was Crazy If the world was crazy, you know what I’d eat?A big slice of soup and a whole quart of meatA lemonade sandwich, and then I might trySome roasted ice cream… Continue Reading

December 4, 2020

“Eighteen Flavors” by Shel Silverstein

Eighteen Flavors Eighteen luscious, scrumptious flavors—Chocolate, lime and cherry,Coffee, pumpkin, fudge-banana,Caramel cream and boysenberry,Rocky road and toasted almond,Butterscotch, vanilla dip,Butter-brickle, apple ripple,Coconut and mocha chip,Brandy peach and lemon custard,Each scoop lovely, smooth, and round,Tallest ice-cream… Continue Reading

December 4, 2020

“Dirty Face” by Shel Silverstein

Dirty Face Where did you get such a dirty face,My darling dirty-faced child? I got it from crawling along in the dirtAnd biting two buttons off Jeremy’s shirt.I got it from chewing the roots of… Continue Reading