“2001” Metal Monolith Found in the Utah Desert

A Towering Monolith Reminiscent of the Film “2001”

Recently, employees from the Utah Department of Public Safety happened upon a silver monolith in the remote desert while doing an aerial survey.

The structure, almost 12-foot-tall, was deeply reminiscent of the opening act of 2001: A Space Odyssey which chronicles the Dawn of Man. In the 1968 sci-fi blockbuster, directed by Stanley Kubrick, early primate descendants of modern-day humans encounter an immense monolith which has inexplicably appeared in their midst. The scene symbolizes the creatures discovery of tools—beckoning the next stage in their intellectual evolution.

Back in Utah, local photographer, Whit Richardson, used Google Maps to identify the undisclosed area before it became infested with tourists and curious onlookers. He posted these beautiful photos of the mysterious monolith to his Facebook page.



All photos © 2020 Whit Richardson Photography

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