10 Principles to Live Your Life Like Mr. Rogers

In his new book, Kindness and Wonder: Why Mister Rogers Matters Now More Than Ever, Gavin Edwards uncovers the real story behind the gentle everyman, Fred Rogers. Most interesting to me was a list that Edwards created which encapsulates the wisdom of Mister Rogers into ten principles. The guidance in these simple virtues can help you life a richer, more fulfilling life, and also improve the lives of the people you care for.

10 Principles to Live Your Life Like Mr. Rogers

1. Be deep and simple

2. Be kind to strangers

3. Make a joyful noise

4. Tell the truth

5. Connect with other people every way you can

6. Love your neighbors

7. Find the light in the darkness

8. Always see the very best in other people

9. Accept the changing seasons

10. Share what you’ve learned (all your life)


David Newell (left) and Fred Rogers on the set of “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood”
from the film Won't You Be My Neighbor (Lynn Johnson/Focus Features via AP)

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